Why Work with Me at Kiki Walker Wellness?

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my “sayings to live by” – I may not always say them correctly (I can blame my Swedish mother!), but typically I get my point across.

Here are a few of my favorites that I share with clients to help motivate and inspire them on their wellness journey:

  • It’s a lifestyle
  • Be the healthiest you
  • Wake up motivated, go to bed satisfied
  • Small changes make a big difference
  • A happy & healthy childhood lasts forever!
  • Most people do not know how good a healthy body feels
  • Don’t ever make assumptions
  • Eat less sugar, you are sweet enough!
  • Habits take time to create and time to break, be patient with yourself!

    This list could go on and on, but these, I think, say a lot about the philosophy behind Kiki Walker Wellness. 

    I work with my clients to understand the whole picture of health – Lifestyle changes are personalized to each individual and, together, my clients and I discover what works best for their body and lifestyle.

    From the beginning of my personal training career, I quickly realized the correlation between healthy eating, exercise, and feeling your best!  In order to have your best work out, lose weight, fight inflammation, ward off disease, and just overall feel your best, you not only have to exercise, but you have to eat right, too! 

    The standard American diet contains too much sugar, preservatives, and hidden ingredients that are proven to harm us (or be unhealthy).  And the marketing tricks – natural flavors, healthy, gluten – free, etc. – are so abundant that these false ways of selling us food have become the norm.

    But with that said, I don’t believe in diets.  I believe in healthy, clean living illustrated by another of my favorite sayings – “A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

    I know the idea of taking control of your diet and exercise can me overwhelming, but small changes can make a huge difference.  At Kiki Walker Wellness, I’ll always be there and we will work to reach your goals together – You’ll never be alone on your journey to be your best self!

    Contact me today at kiki@kikiwalkerwellness.com to schedule a free consultation and learn more.