Kiki’s Quick Tips for Staying Active During the Holidays

The holidays are full of delicious meals, calorie filled drinks, tasty desserts and a lot of laziness while we enjoy some down time with family and friends.

When it comes to your well being, it is important for us to stop the craziness of everyday life and find a balance, but many times we come out of the holidays feeling bloated and out of sorts.

During the holidays, many of us feel that even if we are able to squeeze in a little exercise, what ‘s the use?  Well, when time permits, take advantage as just 30 minutes of activity each day can help to keep holiday weight gain under control. 

So, how can we squeeze it in?  Make it a family activity!  Invite others to take a walk before and/or after a meal, plan a hike or a bike ride if weather permits, organize a group flag football game…. Get creative, get moving, and have fun.

If you can find time to squeeze in a class at the gym or a run on your own – Do it! Release those endorphins! You will feel refreshed and it will help you be the guest or hostess with the mostess! Or if you are traveling, pack a jump rope, gliders (found at gym supply stores or Walmart) and/or resistance bands.  Create your own circuit - 20 minutes of interval type training daily is highly effective! 

And, as always, try to watch your portion sizes.  Enjoy the holiday snacks and meals, but remember that small portions are enough to savor those delicious dishes without the guilt.  If you are hosting, serve food buffet style with lots of vegetable side dish choices to allow your guests to fill up on the healthier, lower calorie foods.  When it’s time for the main dishes and desserts, people will eat less, which will help to prevent them from feeling over-stuffed after the holiday meal.  I promise your guests will thank you!

Most importantly, please take a moment to reflect and appreciate what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving and all year long!  It is proven that gratitude can reduce stress and anxiety and even promote good health.  Even a simple thank you to the chef will have a positive effect on both of you!

The holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year, but we all know that it can also be one of the most stressful when trying to stay on track with healthy meals and exercising, so do your best to be the healthiest you while enjoying the season!

Happy Holidays to all!