The most powerful medicine of all time is food.  REAL FOOD. Food that grows from the earth or has a mother.  Let me clarify, food that grows in clean soil and is born from a mother that has not been treated, sprayed, and/or fed harmful chemicals and pesticides that enhances or speeds up growth. It’s obviously not possible to control the quality of all food you consume, but my rule of thumb is to control what you can, when you can! 

Those individuals who suffer from illnesses such as: acid reflux, acne, IBS, arthritis, depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia and many others, may significantly improve their conditions or reverse their illnesses or diseases entirely by simply eating the food that we are actually all meant to consume, REAL FOOD.  

Learning to read labels and to understand what foods are highly processed and best to avoid is key.  Also, reminding yourself that you are truly the best doctor in the room.  Our bodies communicate with us all of the time, all we have to do is listen.  Instead of listening to our bodies, we do this instead. We go to the doctor’s office. Americans have been trained over the past few decades to go to a doctor and let them tell us what is wrong. After explaining our ailments or symptoms, the doctor prescribes pills.  That is because they focus on the specific ailments/symptoms that brought you to the doctor’s office in the first place, not the body as a whole.  I am not claiming that prescription medicine in never necessary, of course there is a need with certain illnesses or conditions, but the fact is that the United States consumes 75% of the world’s prescription drugs and we make up only 5% of the worlds population...  :(

Our bodies are amazing machines, but we must fuel our engines properly. 

I am not a doctor and have never personally taken anyone off of medications.  But, over the years, I have experienced many clients freeing themselves of medications that a doctor prescribed for lifetime.  After small lifestyle changes, my clients (or their doctors) have stopped the meds when realizing that their disease/symptoms have been reversed by eating REAL FOOD and living a healthy lifestyle!

I often hear the comment, ‘Living healthy seems like a lot of work’ my response consistently is “I promise you, it is a lot more work to be sick”.

 Self-care is awesome, YOU DESERVE IT!

Some of my favorite quotes to live by:

‘Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.’

 ‘Your health is your greatest wealth.’

 ‘If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?’