Discover... Peach!

A life full of health & wellness does not entail just fitness, or just nutrition, or just a healthy mindset, it is a combination of all things which aim to better yourself, your health, and your life. With this, comes the challenge of developing a healthy mindset in all areas: food, fitness, and feelings. Fortunately, fashion plays a huge role in how women feel each day by contributing to our confidence, and therefore, success-- even if that success just means fitting in a workout, grocery store trip, and lunch with the girls into your jam-packed schedule!

There is not one woman out there that wouldn’t ask for an additional 3+ hours each day. However, this is, unfortunately, an impossible reality. But, an athleisure-wear company, better known as Peach, makes actual reality a little easier, and more fashionable. Peach harnesses the very thing every woman today is looking for: comfort, style, and confidence! By designing clothes which woman can put on in the morning and wear, comfortably and confidently, for the rest of the day, the company strives to elevate women’s every day-- yes, you CAN go from barre class to the bar and still wear a rocking outfit that fits the scene for both activities. Born in Boston, MA, Peach encompasses female entrepreneurship and focuses on improving women’s every day by understanding the reality that the majority of women don’t have time to worry about whether their outfit fits the scene.

As a wellness coach, I discovered Peach and quickly realized that confidence linked to fashion is a missing puzzle piece in many women’s lives. As I mentioned before, in order to create a life full of health & wellness, you must also focus on the health and wellness of your mind, specifically your confidence. One of my favorite sayings is: “if you are confident, you are beautiful.” Fortunately, the clothing line designed by Peach allows women to rock both their outfit and confidence, all-day, every day. Check out this awesome athleisure wear line and get your Peach on! If you are looking for guidance in creating healthy habits that will allow you to feel and be your healthiest, get in touch with me at I work and live in Boston, but work virtually all over the country!