Fit to Travel

Recently I have been traveling a bit more than normal. One too many connecting flights, which equals one too many airports.   Although I typically come prepared with enough healthy snacks to feed the entire airplane TRULY, I have paid close attention to the lack of healthy choices at the airport and what is offered on the plane.  One would think the cost of our airline tickets should include a three-course gourmet meal, but as we all know, this is not the case.  

Today I wanted to share some thoughts on how to continue to eat clean and stay true to your fit self while traveling. Just as you plan your meals for the week at home, you should plan as much as possible for your travels.  

Make sure you pack healthy snacks in your bag for the airplane or car.  If you are traveling with children, have them carry their own healthy snacks so they can dig in when seated and buckled in!  Also, taking the time to look ahead to where you are traveling to find out the healthiest options to eat out.  

Checking out menus ahead of time is a great way to ensure you will have good options at your destination.  Also, do not hold back on making suggestions to those you are traveling with! This actually is the perfect opportunity to share your passion for healthy living!  

Lastly, just because you are away from your gym, it’s not an excuse to not exercise.  You can access awesome workout videos on your phone or computer (if not, be sure to print a couple out before you travel) and/or bring gym equipment that is easy to pack in a suitcase!

Clean & Healthy Food

Purchase a soft cooler & an ice pack — bring in the car or on an airplane, this is the perfect way to eat clean -- refreeze the ice pack when you reach your destination for the trip home!!

  • Sweet Potato - bake the night before

  • Chopped veggies w/ hummus

  • Sliced Turkey or baked/grilled chicken breast in a zip lock

  • Brown rice cakes or crackers with hummus & sliced cucumbers & or a nut butter

  • Fruit; apples, clementine’s, grapes (fruit that won’t get mushy)

  • Trail mix – keep in mind portion control!

Quick & Easy Fitness

Interval workouts are your best bet!

Remember, if you don’t have any equipment, no excuse!  Use your own body strength & weight to get a good sweat going.


Equipment that travels

  • resistance tubing and ankle bands

  • jump rope

  • gliders (found at Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart)