Home Cooking!

We all remember the old saying “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” At home with our immediate family and extended family, we find ourselves gathering more often than not in the kitchen to chat, celebrate, and often share a serious conversation.  Dinner parties often end up gathered around the kitchen’s island.  I believe it’s safe to say in most cases, the kitchen is where it all happens!

I’m also very fond of the kitchen because it’s where clean and mindful eating starts.  Preparing and cooking your own food is beneficial is so many ways.  Here are just a few:  

·      It is the surest way to make the best choices 

·      You control what you’re eating!  There’s a reason why restaurant dishes taste so good—think about all those hidden ingredients you’d never consider at home

·      You can cook with spices proven to boost your overall wellness

·      You prepare enough food for multiple meals, setting yourself up for the next day, or several days with healthy choices

·      It’s much more economical

Perhaps you’ve seen the December 2014 issue of National Geographic- The Joy of Food Bringing Family and Friends Together.  There are pages and pages of how sharing and celebrating food is a part of every culture and even religion.  The article reminded me of the old saying “To break bread together.”  Not only is this phrase as old as the bible, it captures the power of a meal to build relationships, bury anger and create laughter.


With New Year’s resolutions around the corner, you might consider making one that includes I will try my best to cook more meals at home.  We’re all busy and can think of a million excuses not to cook, but a saying that always rings in my head is “you have time for what you make time for!”


Knowing what’s in your food is your best bet for clean living!