Why your Brain Loves the Gym!

When the topic of strength training comes up, benefiting your brain is not typically the first thought that comes to mind.  Most often the term strength training is associated with how it will affect your appearance.  Yes, strength training is absolutely a critical ingredient in the recipe to improve your physique, but you must know, exercise and your brain are good friends!  I am not talking about becoming a body builder(unless that is your goal of course), just about toning and strengthening!   Below I explain why!  

Mental Benefits of Exercise

Confidence builder – While releasing tension you are also taking care of your body, so truly you can’t help but be proud of your accomplishments.  You feel like a brand new you and you know you are looking better and better every day!  When you are confident, you are beautiful.  When you are confident & beautiful, you can do anything you put your mind to!

Teaches your body to have a high pain tolerance – Exercise can make you sore.  At first, you may not like this feeling, but I assure you that you will come to recognize this feeling as a reminder of your accomplishments and your hard work.  It is also important for our bodies to feel a little bit of pain, makes us tough!

Boosts brain power – Exercise triggers your body to create more brain cells!  This equals a more powerful brain, which creates a greater capacity for learning.

Self-discipline – Following a daily exercise routine aids in developing skills of dedication and determination!  These skills will have positive effects in all aspects of your life!

Fights depression – Exercise triggers the “happy chemical” in your brain to be released!  Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain – bring on the endorphins and smile for the rest of the day!

Decreases anxiety – Exert energy, release those endorphins and your stress levels will feel in control.

 Enjoy ‘Runner’s High!” – Those amazing endorphins again!  Remember, I have never met anyone that regrets a workout!

Increases ability to concentrate – Scientific proof! Exercise improves concentration and general awareness!  Increasing your ability to focus will benefit you in the office and many other aspects of your life.

So don't delay, head to the gym or workout with hand weights in the comforts of your own home!  

Here's to strong bod's and strong brains!