Why Scout & Cellar?


Several years ago I decided to divorce wine.  This was a very hard and sad decision for me, but I have a feeling that many of you reading this may have had to do the same thing.  I have always enjoyed a gorgeous glass of wine. Pinot Noir has forever been my favorite, but I also known to enjoy a crisp rose or wine that was suggested as a must try!  Around the time I turned 40, I started noticing that the nights I drank a glass or two of wine my sleep was robbed and I battled severe headaches the next day.  With not too much knowledge of how wine is made, I just assumed this was happening due to my age, the high amounts of sugar in the wine and my speculation that wine is processed in some way and my body was just rejecting what ever was polluting the wine during it’s creation.  So after many sleepless nights and suffering from severe headaches, I reluctantly decided that I had to give up wine for good.  I certainly (who does) did not have space in my life for these negative effects.  Being gluten-free and never truly enjoying hard alcohol, I was now faced with a challenge of if I wanted to have an occasional drink, what would that be?  I must admit I never found anything that can truly replace a beautiful glass of wine.  I also know that I am not alone in my wine struggle.  For years, I have listened to clients, friends and family members complain of the same negative effects from wine.  I found the perfect solution!

After years, I have found the answer and because I love this wine so much and believe in the concept of clean crafted wine, I am now selling these amazing wines on my website! I have enjoyed several of the wines we sell and have never found them to have the negative effects that others wines were giving me.  My hope is that any one looking for a wine that can be consumed without negative effects will give these amazing clean crafted wines a try! I look at this as another tool in my toolbox for my clients to live a healthy lifestyle.  Please click on the website below to check out Scout & Cellar and let me know if you have any questions about any of our wines!  Below is just a little blurb from our website!  Please also reach out if you would like to set up a tasting to host in your home for friends & family, I promise the event will be a hit!

About Scout & Cellar 

Wine is a tricky business, because when it comes to their growth cycle, grapes tend to march to the beat of their own drum. Their natural flavor, color and growing cycle is driven by nature. To capture sameness and establish predictability, producers rely on pesticides, chemical additives and sugars, which yields a product that tastes the same, bottle after bottle, year after year. Pesticides, chemical additives and sweetener also make it possible to maximize yields and hide flaws that may exist in those bottles, like bacteria and other unpleasant elements. Unfortunately, this processed wine is chemically-altered and completely unnatural, and you can taste it. We’re here to offer a more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience to everyone.