What my clients are saying . . .  

I sought the guidance of Kiki to help me and my family develop healthier habits.   I was in a fitness rut and had developed bad eating habits over the past year+ and was concerned that my girls (ages 13 and 6) were adopting those same bad habits. Specifically, I needed a coach who could connect with my 13 year old daughter, and make me more accountable – without making me feel guilty/bad.  Kiki is warm, fun, and approachable.  And as a mom of four herself, she is able to connect and relate effectively to my girls in a way that is not preachy or intimidating.

Her guidance and support has empowered my 13 year old to be more mindful about her food choices and not feel badly about herself or be apologetic about it. Kiki also helped encourage her to try a new physical activity through “gentle nudging” -- it turns out she loves it!  

Through our meetings, correspondence, and occasional cooking lessons, Kiki has helped my family gain a better understanding of how foods fuel our bodies and make us feel.  She didn’t expect us to make radical changes in our lifestyles or give up foods we love (as I expected). Her approach is subtle.  By arming us with information and a practical understanding of how foods effect our bodies, moods and energy levels, we have naturally begun to take pause and adopt some of the routines and changes that she had described. She guides us and encourages us to make reasonable and practical changes to the way we think about food, shop for food, and prepare food. Thanks to Kiki we are making small changes and steps toward better habits.  

- Mom and Corporate Executive


Kiki Walker is simply amazing! She has presented several times with our firm over a healthy lunch. She is always engaging, knowledgeable, charismatic and enthusiastic. Kiki’s presentations have been some of our most successful lunch and learns and are requested on a regular basis by our staff. Kiki has taught us the benefits of eating a whole food diet and given us tips and tricks to replace some items in our diet with healthier substitutes. Her recipes have also been a huge hit! Everyone here loves when she comes in and generates great conversation about our health and how to keep improving our quality of life through diet and exercise. We already can’t wait for our next lunch and learn with Kiki in a few weeks!

-Pabian & Russell, LLC


“Although I have always been active, I have struggled with my relationship with food. As I approached a milestone birthday, I saw an article about Kiki Walker Wellness in the Marblehead Reporter. She was exactly what I was looking for, someone who had expertise in both nutrition and exercise. When Kiki came to my house for our first meeting I was nervous, but she instantly put me at ease with her kind, empathetic manner. After getting to know me and what I was looking for, Kiki presented several different plans to help get me started. We decided to work together for 3 months. We met in person once a week, but Kiki was there whenever I needed her by text, e-mail or phone. She sent me e-mails several times a week with healthy, tasty recipes. I rarely cook, but made the exception more than once to test out her easy to make meals. During our weekly meetings, Kiki shared her expert knowledge in food and nutrition and she designed work-outs based on what I needed. After our meetings I was always glad I went, and I was motivated for the next week. Kiki’s support during the rough weeks was essential to my progress. Kiki has armed me with the knowledge to make smart choices about food and exercise, and I could not have made these changes in my life without her support and guidance. I would highly recommend Kiki Walker Wellness to anyone looking to take control of their lives using nutrition and exercise. She has forever changed my life for the better and I will be eternally grateful!”

                       -  Mom and University Professional


If it wasn’t for Kiki Walker I would not enjoy exercise, have the results I have accomplished in the last  six months and know that it will be part of my life for the rest of my life! As a 58 woman, it takes longer to get rid of old habits, lose weight and see results but not if you have Kiki, as your trainer, your coach and your friend.
She exemplifies what she stands for – energy, strength, confidence, accountability, exercise and proper nutrition and it is all done with generous, loving, support. Without her, I would not be where I am today – tone, lean and dedicated to exercise and clean, healthy living for the rest of my life. Wine and sweets every once in a while are part of my diet too.
Her spirit, enthusiasm, and  loyalty to helping her clients get results, accomplish their goals and change old habits is contagious.  I am on the “Wellness” path for forever thanks to Kiki!!


- Corporate Executive


A friend recommended Kiki, she’s the best!  Her motivation for being a personal trainer is to share what she has learned in order to help others achieve their individual fitness objectives.  Her encouragement, personalized training, and tailored advice have helped me get into shape.  I have more definition, tone and endurance – friends have noted the change.  She continually challenges me and motivates me.  If you are looking for a knowledgeable trainer, I highly recommend Kiki.  Work with Kiki and turn working out into a fun, motivational, and fruitful experience!!!


- Corporate Executive